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AmalfiOutdoorExperience: kayaking&Snorkeling along the Amalfi Coast.

Updated: Feb 7

I want to tell you about an experience that literally transported me to a blue paradise: the kayaking and snorkeling excursion along the spectacular Amalfi Coast with Destination Amalfi and the outstanding guide, Danilo.

Amalfi kayak lungo la Costiera Amalfitana
kayaking along the Amalfi Coast

We began our day under the radiant sun of Maiori, a hidden gem of the coastline. With our faithful kayak, we took off and headed into the unknown. The view of the coast, with colorful houses clinging to the rock, is something only the sea can offer.

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Our first pit stop was in Minori, a quiet and charming location. The sea breeze and soothing sound of the waves greeted us as we ventured into the crystal clear water for a snorkeling session. Below the surface, a colorful world of fish and coral made us forget about time.

Continuing along the coast, we made our way to the magnificent Marmorata Waterfall. The sight of this waterfall plunging into the bay was a gift to the eyes and soul. Danilo skillfully guided us through the waters and told us fascinating stories about local history.

Our kayak took us to the Scarpariello Tower, an ancient structure that dominates the coast with a mysterious charm.

Arriving in Castiglione, we took a break to dive into the turquoise sea and enjoy a snorkeling adventure. The waters around Castiglione are a palette of vibrant colors and vibrant marine life, making the experience even more magical.

On the final stretch of our journey, we passed through Atrani, a small fishing village nestled among the rocks. Its authenticity is palpable, and the warm welcome of the locals made our visit all the more special.

kayakinamalfi tour guidati amalfi coast
Castiglione Beach

The grand finale was reaching Amalfi by sea, with its towering cliffs and fascinating winding streets. The entire tour captured the heart and mind, making each landscape and story even more meaningful thanks to Danilo's expert guidance.

kayak&snorkeling amalfi coast small groups

If you are looking for an unparalleled adventure, Destination Amalfi is the right choice, and Danilo will be the perfect guide to help you discover the hidden beauty of this enchanting coastline. I look forward to our next adventure in this azure paradise. (13/08/23)

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