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 Our Kayak tours

Excursions on the Amalfi Coast
Best tour in the Amalfi Coast

Choose one of our excursions with one of our expert local guides. You will see the Amalfi Coast from breathtaking points of view. Charge your smartphone or camera to take breathtaking photos!

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Amalfi-S.Andrea Sea caves

Engage in the crystal-clear waters and let yourself be embraced by the pristine beauty that nature has to offer!

Offered daily
Duration: 3h variable

Price: ̶ €̶7̶9̶  €69 per person


Destination Amalfi

Local guides and instructors with many years of industry experience behind them will ensure a unique, authentic and safe all-around experience.

Offered daily
Duration:3h variable

Price: :  ̶€̶7̶9̶  €69 por person


Discounted prices are valid only for customers who book in advance
Customers without reservation will pay full price.

There is a €4 discount for participants under 18 years old (13-17)

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