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"Discovering Citric Magic: Hiking the Lemon Trail with Amalfi Outdoor Experience"

Hello adventurer!

I have just returned from an unforgettable experience on the Amalfi Coast and I have to share every single detail with you. If you love nature, breathtaking views and the scent of citrus fruits, get ready to immerse yourself in the most exciting hike of your life on the Lemon Trail, organized by the fantastic Amalfi Outdoor Experience.

fotografia limone
Ring Ring.... It's time to "Path of the Lemon''

We started from the picturesque town of Amalfi, the beating heart of the Coast, with its narrow streets and bright colors reflected in the crystal clear sea. Since the Coast is very busy in summer, we decided to reach the meeting point located in Maiori by ferry. As soon as we began our walk along the Lemon Trail, time seemed to stand still as the fresh scent of citrus invaded our senses.

The path meanders through lush terraces of lemon trees, creating a natural picture that looks like something out of a dream. Amalfi Outdoor Experience made this excursion unique, guiding us through ancient streets, passing through lemon gardens and revealing hidden secrets of this magical land.

Lemon trees
Giovanni Ruocco's Farm

One of the most exciting moments was when we arrived at the farm of a local

(Giovanni) where he offered us a restorative break to enjoy local products, such as lemon marmalade, lemon juice and of course limoncello, which made our trip even more memorable.

The Lemon Trail gave us postcard-perfect viewpoints, where the deep blue of the sea blends with the green terraced hills. Federico told us fascinating stories about the cultivation of lemons and the lives of local farmers, adding an authentic and cultural touch to our adventure.

Time flew by as we passed through the villages of Minori and Maiori, where the call of the sea invited us for a refreshing swim. Maiori's golden beach was the perfect setting to end our excursion on a high note.

If you are looking for an authentic experience on the Amalfi Coast, you can't help but join Amalfi Outdoor Experience for the hike on the Lemon Trail. It will be a journey that will remain etched in your memory, enriched by breathtaking views, intoxicating scents and the magic of a unique territory. I look forward to telling anyone who loves nature, culture and the excitement of discovering enchanting places about this adventure. Have a great trip! (27/09/23)

Lemons farm Photoshooting
Hello?.. Yes it's me!

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