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Amalfi-S.Andrea Sea caves

Welcome aboard your kayak for an enchanting journey along the beautiful Amalfi Coast, where each paddle will lead you to discover natural and historical treasures.
After a brief illustration of the itinerary and a short introductory lesson on navigation and safety at sea, we will be ready to set sail westward, towards "Baia di Conca dei Marini."
Paddling along, from the very beginning, we will have the opportunity to admire the characteristic landscape of the coastline, where the typical "Chiazze" lemon groves and the majestic sheer coastline that plunges into the crystal clear waters of our sea, create a very evocative dance of shapes and colors.
Leaving Amalfi behind we will be treated to natural arches, sea caves and the most beautiful beaches of the Amalfi Coast, some reachable only by sea.
Along the way we will reach the enchanting "Arco dell'Amore," a fantastic natural jewel created by sea and wind erosion whose shape and legend have made it one of the most romantic places on the coast.
A little further on we will skirt the luxurious villa si Sofia Loren and thus arrive at the bay east of the seaside village of Conca dei Marini.
Inside the basin we will have an excellent view of the Santa Rosa Monastery, a former convent renovated into a luxury hotel and the birthplace of the delicious dessert "Sfogliatella Santa Rosa."
Following the shoreline we will admire the "Vine Beach" overlooked by the Borgo Sant'Andrea hotel, a historic hotel with features reminiscent of a castle and sheltered among the cliffs the small village of Conca dei marini.
Sailing around the promontory of Capo di Conca we will glimpse an ancient Sighting Tower, evidence of a past coastal defense. Reaching the western bay we will have an excellent view of the villages of Furore and Praiano, the striking Grotta Runghetiello, the Li Galli archipelago and the island of Capri with its famous Faraglioni rocks.
Continuing our journey on the way back, through this stretch of sea, we will finally reach a fascinating natural  “Sant’Andrea Sea Cave”, the largest sea cave on the entire Amalfi coast and the only one with a walkable beach inside.
After an exciting morning of exploration we will stop to snorkel in a quiet bay and relax while enjoying a snack of fresh fruit, restoring mind and body.
Finally we will turn our bows toward Amalfi, and enjoying the fantastic view we will end this fantastic day of kayaking !


  • Distance 9km/5.6 miles

  • Duration 3h

  • Difficulty * Easy

  • Recommended age 10+



Amalfi | Piazzale dei Protontini 4



  • Local guides and instructors

  • Equipment (kayak, paddles, life jacket, dry bag, waterproof jackets) - Snorkelling kit

  • Historical and cultural notions

  • Fresh fruit snacks

  • Photo service included with photos sent later by email

  • Bottle of water

  • Hat

  • Locker room

  • Luggage storage

  • Swim


  • Towels

  • Sunscreen

  • Change in case of wet clothes



  • Clothes of light color (t-shirt for sun protection, better if in lycra fabric)

  • Sunglasses

  • Rock shoes or simple slippers

  • Swimming suit

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